Area & Heritage: Towns & Villages


Set into a steep hillside, Clovelly is one of the most famous villages in the world. The single cobbled high street winds its way down the hillside through traditional whitewashed cottages festooned with fuchsias and geraniums.

Unusually, the village is privately owned and has been by the same family since 1738. Their policy is to care for Clovelly and keep it in the style of the mid C19th. This involves much quality maintenance using traditional materials and craftmanship. Part of the modest entrance fee contributes to this work. This National Trust-like preservation of the whole village is what provides so much pleasure to its visitors, who treasure the atmosphere, the picturesque charm and the stunning views.

Traffic is banned from the high street with visitors parking at the top of the hill adjacent to the Visitor Centre. The high street drops through the 16th century cottages to a small harbour and for a small fee, a Land Rover service ferries visitors up and down the steep hill via a back road.

only 20 minutes from the Barns...