Our Green Philosophy

We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and to assist our guests in doing the same. Our new solar panels are helping to reduce our consumption and we are using a Green Energy supplier. However we are still saving for an Air Source Heat Pump so our central eating is oil fired. We all have a responsibility to reduce fossil fuel consumption whether at home or on holiday so please be cosy but mindful during your stay.



The UK's carbon footprint is over 500 million tonnes of CO2 per year. Individuals account for 45% of this. The UK produces around 330 million tonnes of waste annually - a quarter of which is from households and businesses. The rest comes from construction and demolition, sewage sludge, farm waste and spoils from mines and dredging of rivers. You can help us during your stay at the Barns.

Little if any of Hartland Peninsula has mains water and Southole Barns is no exception. Our water runs off our own private supply from a borehole. It is tested regularly and it is filtered. If you are used to mains water you may find the water pressure is different from that at home.


Water is a very precious commodity. You can help us by simply being aware of your water consumption during your stay.

To reduce the impact of your stay on the environment please


  • Turn off the lights when you aren't in a room.

  • Turn your thermostat down in the winter and when you are out, and off in the summer. Heating and cooling, despite our new solar panels, often require fossil fuels which contribute to air pollution and global warming.

  • Recycle as much as possible according to the advice sent prior to your stay.