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Bring your four-legged friend to stay in Clovelly Barn or Smudgers

We are pleased to be able to welcome your four legged friend on holiday in Clovelly Barn or Smudgers!

Here are a few pointers to make sure that your dog, yourselves and other guests all have a lovely holiday.


Your dog is welcome to explore the whole of your barn, including the sofas, though not the bed!  If they are fond of lying on the furniture, and who isn’t, then please bring covers to protect them from their lovely fur and any muddy paws!


Outside Clovelly barn is a patio area and a grassy area which is all yours. This is not an enclosed space so we have added a post where your pup can be hitched so you're not hanging on to them while trying to relax! Please can you ensure that your dog doesn’t go into the rest of the grounds as we have three dogs of our own who might be a bit put out. They are sensitive types!  As are the Guinea Pigs and rabbit!


The grassy area at the front of Clovelly, and another around the side of the barn, will be ideal for your dog to do what dogs do.  Please use poo bags to collect after them.  We will provide a lined bin for these to go into and we’ll add them to the general waste collection. There is also a lot of mint around the side of the barn which makes an excellent addition to a G&T should you fancy it-though depending on where your dog pees you may want to wash it first!


These areas are not enclosed, though the lane is quiet, so if your dog comes back when you call it (unlike ours) you should be fine to let them off the lead.  Across the lane off to the right is a five barred gate into a field.  This is a public footpath and goes up to the cliffs and the South West Coast Path so it’s perfect walking country.  Please keep an eye out for sheep or cows at some times of year and we would advise that when you get up to the cliffs your dog is on a lead to avoid any tragic accidents.  There are also footpaths heading off the main path and away from the cliffs.

Smudgers is located within a semi enclosed garden so is more secure but it won't keep an escapologist in. Smudgers has more private gardens, shared only with the owners and their friendly little dog, and a meadow to walk around and run free in. Again please pick up after your pooch and place the bags in the general waste. Your pooch will need to be happy with the resident four legged friend (and the owners too!).


We do make an additional charge of £20 per week or £15 for a part week for your dog to come along-this is to allow for the extra cleaning that they often invite, and more frequent redecoration. This is an inevitable part of dog ownership as I’m sure you are aware, bless ‘em!  Still, it beats leaving them in a kennels!


We look forward to meeting you and your pal, any further questions please be in touch! Many thanks, Chris, Lydia and Menagerie.

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