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Easter Breaks

It's feeling like Spring is in the air now as it has been so mild even the daffodils are out! March and April are a lovely time to visit as the few attractions which close for the winter months open up again and it's warm enough for the over 5s to want an ice-cream (let's face it, it's never too cold for ice-cream if you're younger!).

The Nature Garden is coming to life again and the Sparrow gangs are at their argumentative best as they bicker over the best nesting spots in the eaves. The Woodpeckers can be heard tap tapping and at night the owls are putting on a concert calling to each other across the valley. We've also had our annual visit from the Water Rail which made its first stay last winter for a few weeks.

The baby bunnies should be safe and sound in their warrens for another couple of weeks but we found this soggy one in our meadow this week and after a towel down and some cuddles to warm her she was off to our local wildlife rescue with a couple of other wet weather casualties. Not quite Easter yet Bunny!

The bare hedgerows in the meadow will soon be greening up but they revealed a harvest mouse nest in their sparse state a few weeks ago which is very exciting news!

We hope to have lots more nature tales over the next few weeks and months and hope you'll find your own moments while you're here too.

We have plenty of availability between now and Easter with prices from less than £65 per night even during the Easter hols, and short breaks always welcome too. Just pop your dates in, choose your barn and book or drop us an email and we'll help you find your ideal stay with us.

Happy Spring all!

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