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Embracing Autumn (with an early offer)

There's no denying the weather and the feel of autumn! It seems summer comes earlier every year and ends earlier too. Funnily enough, as a family, we love this season. The mild climate here means it's not time for winter woollies anytime soon and, surrounded by nature, we love watching the changing of the colours and light and spotting the wildlife busy making the most of the glut before winter sets in.

The beaches are quiet and serene, until we get a few storms blow in and then the awesome power of the Atlantic makes for some unforgettable waves and stunning views.

We tend to head out for more days out now the queues have shortened at some of our favourite spots and you get a real feel of coastal life in the villages and towns.

The lure of the Coast Path is strong on calm days and it seems the boots are always ready and waiting at the door to be tripped over.

We have a bit of space right now so we have started our Autumn seasonal prices from today so you can still squeeze in a holiday before the schools go back at a bargain price, or just enjoy September's gentle delights.

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