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Greenway Barn refurbished and ready to go

We were always intending to redecorate Greenway over the winter and longed to pop a new shower room in-who actually likes a shower curtain after all? They certainly come with Bates Motel vibes! However we weren't able to predict a burst pipe in January in the bathroom ceiling which forced our hand somewhat! Thanks to our wonderful insurance company we got over the shock and decided the universe was trying to tell us something. A brand new bathroom followed after a drying out period longer than a 90s supermodel in rehab. Finally we reopened in April and then, once we had a gap between bookings, were were able to get our brilliant decorator in to bring the rest of the barn up to scratch. We fell in love with some designer Scandi wallpaper which proved very awkward to match and the rest followed. Check out the pics of the new look and get yourselves down here to see it in real life!

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